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401 E Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA

Bateman Gallagher Post 668

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Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Board of Directors (PVVMF) has the long-held vision of being able to tell the complete story of the Vietnam War in a way that will place the sacrifice of the 648 in proper context. The construction of a Monument will honor all of the POWs (Prisoners of War) and MIAs (Missing in Action) from the Vietnam War, but especially the 19 servicemen whose names are inscribed on the Memorial’s Wall of Names. Of special emphasis is the MIAs, whose families have never received closure on the loss of their loved ones.

The concept of the PVVMF has been to include monuments important to our involvement in Vietnam so that visitors will get a more complete picture of the war. It is in keeping with the original design of the Memorial which includes seven panels describing scenes from the war.

We are honoring all POW/MIAs from Vietnam because it was the last war in which large numbers of Americans were imprisoned or listed as missing. There are 19 POW/MIAs honored at the Memorial, of which the remains of 9 former MIAs have been recovered while 10 MIAs remain unaccounted, remains not recovered.


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