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401 E Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA

Bateman Gallagher Post 668

Bateman Gallagher American Legion Post 668

401 E. Lancaster Ave.

Wayne, PA 19087

Facility Rental Contract

In order to rent the facilities located at the Bateman-Gallagher American Legion Post 668 the renter must be a member of one of the following: The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of The American Legion and RVA Social Members in good standing. Non-member are eligible to rent the facility provided they apply for and become a RVA Social Member.

Facility Rental Regulations

1. A non-refundable fee of $5.00 is required.

2. All liquor and beer is to be purchased from American Legion Post 668 in accordance with PA LCB Regulations by members only.

3. Guests are not permitted to buy food or drinks from the RVA.

4. Renter may bring non-alcoholic beverages (water, soda, juice, coffee and tea) for their guests.

5. Arrangements can be made for “Open Bar”, “Limited Open Bar” or “Cash Bar” during the hours of your event.

6. The RVA will provide a bartender during the hours of your event.

7. Liquor or intoxicating beverages may NOT be brought onto the premises.

8. Individuals under the age of 21 may NOT consume any alcoholic beverages.

9. Visibly intoxicated individuals will NOT be served alcoholic beverages.

10. Smoking is NOT permitted within the building or outside the main entrance during an event. Smoking permitted only in the designated area.

11. It is the renter’s responsibility to return the premises to the condition it was found at the time of rental (leave it the way you found it).

12. A security deposit will be held until it is ascertained that no property damage was incurred.

13. All trash is to be placed in trash bags, tied and placed in the trash cans outside the kitchen. Bags will be provided.

14. All cardboard is to be collapsed, stacked and placed outside next to the trash cans.

I have read and understand the above contract provisions.

Signature of Renter  ______________________________________ Date ___/___/_____

Signature of RVA Representative ____________________________

RVA/FRC 5/2017



What the RVA will provide if required.

Mark quantities needed:

______ Tables             ______ Chairs     ______ Coffee Urns     ______ Crock Pots

______ Soup Crocks     ______ Chafing Dishes    ______ Serving Utensils

Mark if the following are required:

______ Kitchen Facilities     ______ Refrigerator Space       ______ Freezer Space

There is juke box music available (cash or credit card to operate).

Cable TV available for sports, music, etc.

What the RVA will NOT supply.

Decorations, table cloths, dishes, paper cups, paper plates, napkins, plastic ware (eating utensils) or sterno.


Member Name       ____________________             Member Number    _____________

Address                ____________________             Phone No.     __________________

State & ZIP           ____________________             Email  ________________________


Event Date ___/____/_____   ___Mon ___ Tue ___ Wed ___ Thu ___ Fri ___ Sat ___ Sun

Time - From ______ AM/PM - To ______ AM/PM (Include set up and clean up in Time)

Actual Event Time - From ______ AM/PM - To ______ AM/PM  

Approx. number of guests: _____

Non-refundable Rental Fee $5.00 (no checks please)           Date Paid ___/___/_____

Refundable Security Deposit $50.00 (check acceptable)       Date Paid ___/___/_____

RVA/FRC 5/2017

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